Our Values

Building Relationships

Here at Touching Angels we are guided by the principal of ensuring all underserved communities are represented and advocated for so they may live a dignified life at home.


Cancer elderly patients in wheelchairs receive rehabilitation treatment in private home, Asian female doctor medical therapy treatments by talking to cure loneliness and encourage them with a smile.

Advocacy Begins with Assessment

Our team always dives deep to help you and your family identify your loved one's needs and the resources to ensure dignified living.

We help with acquiring the proper medical equipment and meet with the primary care physician, forming a team to maintain health and safety around the clock. Our goal is to help our clients remain in their homes they love as long as possible.


At Touching Angels, we believe giving begins at home and extends far beyond the borders of our own neighborhood. We are committed to giving back to the community we serve by supporting The Alzheimer’s Walk. Our team also rallied together friends and family for the Lupus Walk in Maryland to make a $5K+ donation toward finding a cure.

Our international outreach extends as far as Kenya. We have partnered with a local company to improve healthcare equipment in public hospitals and locally owned clinics there. Our efforts have provided much needed hospital beds, dialysis machines, IV poles, and computers.

Looking forward in 2022, we will continue partnering with local organizations to support causes like Autism and Dementia/Alzheimer’s research. Strategically designed initiatives can immediately affect those we serve and their communities. This year’s sponsorships will include:

  • Autism Baltimore
  • Cancer Walk
  • Alzheimer’s Walk
  • Food Bank Drives

If you would like to join with us to support any of these causes, Contact Us